How do I apply to become a TMS Fellow?

We will not offer the 2015 TMS Teaching Fellowship. Please find a letter from the founders here, which explains this strategic decision in greater detail. We look forward to your continued interest in our work.

What does the application process entail?

Applicants complete a written application and if selected to move forward, second-round applicants create a brief video of a mock lesson plan. Final-round applicants are interviewed and are asked to submit two references.

Why should I apply?

The Modern Story Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to live and work as a youth media educator making meaningful change on the ground. The six-month teaching period allows Fellows to immerse themselves in the environment of their students to truly understand their culture and engage in lasting cross-cultural learning. TMS Fellows make tangible contributions to a progressive, global education initiative while developing critical skills for future success as globally minded leaders and educators.

Where do TMS Fellows live and work?

TMS provides a fully furnished, serviced apartment for Fellows in Abids, Hyderabad. This is a non-touristy, residential section of the city. The apartment is in a gated block next to a hospital and shops for basic amenities. Teaching takes place in schools across the greater Hyderabad region. Some schools are within walking distance of the apartment, while others require a bus ride.

What is an average day in the life of a TMS Fellow?

The nature of the work and the living environment means that the days of a TMS Fellow are anything but average! Common elements include lesson planning, teaching at one or more of the six government schools, attending vibrant cultural events, and taking a brief moment to relax and watch the sunset from the apartment balcony. The unforeseen becomes the norm, from conducting an impromptu video workshop or getting swept up in a festival parade. Fellows are kept on their toes, ultimately resulting in a rewarding and exciting experience.

Do TMS Fellows receive a stipend?

Yes. TMS contributes to airfare to and from India and provides a modest stipend for daily travel and living expenses for the duration of the fellowship. Fellows are expected to use public transportation whenever possible.

Do TMS Fellows need a personal computer?

Yes. Fellows use laptops to supplement classroom computers (frequent power-outages in schools make a backup necessary). Editing, storing multimedia, posting to the blog, and communicating with partners constitute a substantial amount of a TMS Fellow’s work.

Do I need to speak any local languages (Telugu, Hindi, Urdu)?

Knowledge of a local language is not needed to be successful in the Fellowship, as most TMS students attend English-medium programs. That being said, a background in one or more of these languages and an enthusiasm to learn the basics can be helpful.

Will I be able to travel?

The workload of the Fellowship is intense and the stipend modest, but most fellows find at least one or two weekends to explore other areas of India. The Fellowship also includes a paid two-week trip to the state of Tamil Nadu to teach TMS curriculum workshops and youth media creation activities at Communities Rising, a partnering nonprofit organization.