Our Mission

What does a 21st century education look like?...

...It’s collaborative, it’s technological, it’s local, it’s global.

In a TMS classroom, storytelling is the gateway for developing skills of critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and digital media production.

The Modern Story, or TMS, empowers students and educators around the world with 21st Century Skills through storytelling, technology, and global dialogue. Our student-centered curriculum, professional development workshops, and international Teaching Fellowship are at the core of The Modern Story.


We envision a network of classrooms around the world in which project based learning, cross-cultural communication, and the development of 21st Century skills are a part of every student’s educational experience.

TMS Programs

  • In TMS programs, students produce and share multimedia stories of personal, communal, and global importance. Through digitally interconnected classrooms, students and educators around the world participate in an interactive discussion. Students learn how to use various technologies to share narratives of their lives and communities and to authentically learn about students across the world.

Educator Workshops

  • In TMS professional development workshops, educators receive extensive training in student-centered pedagogy, project-based learning, and multimedia production. Educators learn through experience by engaging in activities that ground the TMS curriculum in foundational practices of teaching and learning.

Teaching Fellowship

  • The TMS Teaching Fellowship recruits globally-conscious college graduates with experience in youth media production and student-centered teaching. Fellows are trained to work in partnership with local educators to facilitate the TMS program. To date, TMS has run workshops in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, San Francisco and Boston. Classroom exchanges have occurred between TMS students in India and students from several schools around the U.S.