Many Tiny Movements

Of all the schools at which I teach, Railway students are the most vocal advocates of girl power. When the discussion of this project began, the group was overrun with injustices against girls and declarations of what should be. As such, it was difficult for them to develop the succinct plot that this animation required. However, I firmly believe that the ideas not included this particular story will continue to be lifted up by these students as they become adults.

This project was mostly led by Asma, our long-time TMS assistant teacher (check her out on our team page!). Asma has done much of her own graphic and animation work, and was able to share that experience with the students. Awesome! I am so grateful to have worked with her.

Ah, stop-motion animation: one of the most time-consuming video-making processes on the planet. To produce one takes patience and determination, but in return we experience the truly magical moment when illustrations come to life. Eight girls at Railway GGHS had that patience and determination – now check out their magic.

Brave Girl: Every Girl Have Their Own Rights from The Modern Story on Vimeo.

Watch out, Cartoon Network, there's a new animation team in town. From brainstorming to final credits, eight illustrators, voice actors, and editors from Railway GGHS have done an enormous amount of work to create a simple but powerful story.

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